33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.. i am 33 weeks pregnant.. i had a usg today and its been reported that Prominant frontal horns of feotal lateral ventricles.. what does it mean? Any matter of concern?

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Question: Hi I had a spotting today... What should I do. Is it a matter of concern. Am 6week pregnant
Answer: Consult ur doc once...This first trimester spotting can be caused by a variety of reasons such as implantation, infection, hormonal changes, and cervical sensitivity due to increased blood flow. (Such as after intercourse) If you do experience spotting, you should make sure that you wear a pad (nothing should be inserted into the vagina), lie down and rest, make sure that you drink extra fluids and give your health care provider a call,visit n get heartbeart of ur child checked using doppler device,if not get ultrasound done to be sure abt ur babys health. However, as long as you don’t experience heavy bleeding, the passing of a lot of tissue and severe cramping, your bleeding could be inconsequential
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Question: I am 6 weeks pregnant. USG showed a small fibroid in the uterus away from the pregnancy. Will that be a matter of concern in later stages?
Answer: Hi dear, Few percentage of women with fibroids have successful pregnancy.many complain of abdominal pain and bleeding .fibroids usually flare up or increase in size during pregnancy due to the hormones.i the fibroid is growing in the utrine cavity,it could effect the process of implantation and also disrupt the formation of placenta.your doctor needs to keep monitoring the growth of fibroids thorough scan.though the treatment offered are quite safe during pregnancy,but chances of miscarriages are high in the initial stages of pregnancy.
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Question: Hi I am 5 weeks pregnant yesterday unknowingly I had pineapple juice. Is it a matter of concern?
Answer: Hi dear. don't worry dear drinking it once will not harm your baby but you should avoid drinking pineapple juice in future as your pregnant and it can result in preterm delivery if taken regularly.
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