31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I am 31weeks pregnant and doctor suggested me to go for colour doppler scan. Is it for everyone??

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Answer: There is nothing to worry about it just scan to check blood flow of uterus Placenta and baby as well as babies growth. rather than taking a normal abdominal usg Doppler scan is more helpful to know Baby's well being.
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Question: What is target scan? Is it necessary to do and in which week i should go for it?
Answer: Dear, target scan is nothing but anomaly scan it's compulsory and the most important scan in pregnancy. Thos scan help to check whether you're pregnancy is Normal or there is any chance of abnormality.
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Question: I am in 6 week pregnancy and I went for early pregnancy scan and doctor confirmed that I am having twins and baby's are not visiable and they suggested rescan for 2 weeks. Is it normal?
Answer: Congratulation for your pregnancy. If gestational sac is not seen then after then doctor can perform re scanafter 1 to 2 weeks . When baby heartbeat came your pregnancy will be confirmed
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Question: Doctor has suggested cetrizen medicine for itching and rashes, is it safe to take during pregnancy?
Answer: Yes it's safe no pblm but dont use daily use only for 3 days.
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