31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi I am 31 week pregnant , I am suffering from body itching from last 4 days . is there any remedies for this ? I tried whatever I know .but still body itching is there .

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Answer: Try to scrub ur body with besan and turmeric. As turmeric act as antibiotic and also good for skin... Itiching may also occur due to dryness drink more water and apply moisture to keep skin hydrated
Answer: Try hydrating your skin with moisturisers and drink plenty of water.If still itching persists then consult with doc,you might be suffering from choletasis.This should be treated soon.
Answer: hi dear Drink plenty of water and use aloevera jel it gives some relaxation from itching
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Question: Hi, i have itching all over my body now and doctor has suggested to take LFT test and udihep and allegra tablet. Is there any home remedy to get rid of this itching? Is it safe for baby?
Answer: Dear due to High level of hormone you have itching . You should apply coconut oil over your body . Drink more water . Take medicine . This is safe for baby. .
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Question: I m six week pregant,last two days I hv lower abdomen pain in morning time,like period pain,I hv already started medicine and injection for pregnancy last five days, Why this pain is happening, is there any worry
Answer: Don't wory it's normal in some cases but if it's hert much more and you can't handle it ,at that case you should consult your doctor
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Question: Breastfeeding is very painful. Is there any remedies for this?
Answer: It's painful because your baby is not latching properly. Make sure that the entire brown part is in baby's mouth.
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