28 weeks pregnant mother

Hi i am 27 weeks pregnant now. Is carrot juice is good for me or not?

Hello dear... . Yes, you can have, it is rich in vitamin A, C, and iron, needed during pregnancy, helps in blood formation, and also promotes digestion
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Question: Hi I'm 21 weeks pregnant now I'm drink carrot and beetroot juice or not
Answer: beetroots not only contain folic acid but lots of iron and nitrates which can boost your stamina and teaming up with carrot is added pregnancy vitamins.
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Question: Apple, carrot, beetroot mixed fruit juice is good for pregnancy or not????
Answer: Hi dear, I always feel single fruit juices are better and safe.instead of mixing them up, individual juices can be consumed.better than juice is taking the whole fruit,in that way,you also get the fibre along with it.it Wil also balance sugar level since you are consuming it with fibre.direct consumption of juices are high in fructose and can raise your sugar level instantly.
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Question: Can i drink carrot juice ?? Am 23 weeks pregnant
Answer: Hi I would suggest uh not to have as carrot is heavy for uterus.if you find my answer helpful then kindly give thumbs up
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