24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.. I am 24 weeks pregnant now and I weigh 50.6kgs.. is it normal or am I under weight for this week? I was 44kgs wen I started with my pregnancy.

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Answer: Hi its normal only not under weight in last three months u will gain more weight
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Question: Hi i am 24 weeks pregnant and baby weight was 522 gm.. Is it too low??
Answer: Not too low but ofcourse Lower that normal. Your baby's growth is lagging almost by one week. You should include More protein in your regular diet in form of milk paneer Tofu lentils legumes egg chicken to increase your fetal weight. I too diagonosed with the same problem in my 32 weeks of pregnancy and my doctor suggest the same, hope it will help you too☺️. Take care.
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Question: When I was in 6week pregnant my weight Was 59 and now I am in 24 week ..my weight is 66 now. Is it OK?
Answer: If there is frequent growth every week in pregnancy it shows your baby also growing so obviously you will be put on weight no problem but if your weight is increasing more than 5 kg in every month that should be avoidable because it will make you obesis and create problem for normal delivery
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Question: My weight was 54 before pregnancy and now it is 57.5 .I am 17 weeks pregnant with twins.is it normal?
Answer: Hi as during pregnancy about 10 to 12 kg weight increases during pregnancy and so accordingly the weight gain is normal no need to worry about it maintain a well balanced diet and drink lot of water stay hydrated it will help take care
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