15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi... I am 15 weeks pregnent ... Iam not feeling anything like baby movement of something like that Nothing earlier i was feeling something but now nothing i am very tensed is my baby safe ???

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Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear its early to feel baby movements. Pregnant women can feel babys movement at 17 to 18 weeks .some womens feel late as 18 to 25 weeks.so after 16 werks u can feel baby movements any time .take care happy pregnancy
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Question: Hi I am 28 weeks pregnant ,I am feeling my stomach is getting loose,IT is not that much tight as earlier,When I am pressing it feels like pulpy,Though I can feel the baby movement.Please assist.
Answer: Dear if you’ are more active this time than it can be . Which is very good. This does’t not affect in your pregnancy or baby . You are feeling baby moment which is very good.
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Question: I don't fell much movement of baby . 2 weeks before I used feel lot of movements. Why I am not feeling movement very mild movements I can feel
Answer: Possibly baby changes its position in such a way that you are not feeling frequent baby movement but don't worry baby will keep rotating and you will feel frequent movement mainly in between 28 to 33 weeks. If you are feeling some baby movement throughout the day then nothing to worry about.
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Question: I am 20 weeks pregnant.. and it's my first pregnancy.. but till now I am not feeling any movement of baby..is it OK?
Answer: In first pregnancy movements will be felt in b/w 20-24 weeks. though some women feel early and some feel later. Don't worry.
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