13 weeks pregnant mother

Hi I am 13 weeks pregnant.My doctor dint do my anamoly scan.he said he will do it in 4 month.please suggest should i get anamoly scan done by some another doctor?

Follow doctor's advice. Anomaly scan is usually don'e in the fifth month. So wait till doctor give syou the date
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Question: I am 13 weeks pregnant.my doctor dint suggest me for anamoly scan.should i get this done from some another doctor
Answer: Anamoly scan is done in fifth month..after 20 wks..so you don't need it now. You can get a simple 'ultrasound scan for early pregnancy' now..then repeat anamoly scan at 5th month
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Question: Hi doctor,i am ,in 13 weeks suggest me some iron and calcium tab
Answer: Hie Dear please discuss the same with your gynaclogist as he would be the best person to suggest you so
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Question: I am now 20 weeks recently I have done anamoly scan and it's normal after that Doctor suggest me to do triple marker test is it necessary after anamoly scan is normal??
Answer: Triple marker test is to find out if the baby has Down Syndrome or any other genetic disorders. These factors are absent in anomaly scan
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