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Question: Hi, I already have a baby boy of 1 Yr 10 months old. Doctor advised me to stop breast feeding him. What if I continue breastfeed?

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Answer: Hi.. Dear one year of breastfeeding is essential for babies. However, if you want to feed more, it becomes your choice. If you ask me, I also breast fed my baby for one year, it was difficult to make her switch to bottle feed, she even cried a lot, but it was essential. More time you take, difficult it becomes, with age kids develop sense as well, then in front of ten people they ask for breast feed, which becomes an embarrassing situation for parents.
Answer: Dear it's fine if you keep breastfeeding your baby but make sure to feed baby proper 3 course meal with snacks and milk should be strictly on demand.. give roti more than milk..
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Question: hii my baby is 1 yr 2 months old how to stop breast feeding
Answer: It take time to stop bm. You can not stop it immediately. Some tips to control bm. # skip one feed daily. Feed your baby solid food when he or she feel hunger. # replace the bm with fm or cow milk ( cow milk after 1 year). # mostly babies feed before sleep. So try to make baby sleep with walk. # some women put cabbage leave direct over breast. You can try this. # make the baby busy with other activities. Because when baby busy in game and activity they forget hunger.
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Question: I have boy baby of 10 days old... I am breast feeding to him....is there any effect to baby if I drink more water....
Answer: Water and other fluids count when you are breast feeding a baby. Staying hydrated is very vital to your health, especially when you are nursing a baby. Remember that you are drinking for two, what you put into your body will ultimately go into your breast milk . Also staying hydrated can help you from constipation, dizziness, muscle weakness etc. So if you are healthy, your baby will also be healthy.. Stay hydrated. Tc
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Question: Hello doctor. Now My baby 14 months old. Still i was feeding, shall i stop or continue in 1 ½ month?
Answer: Breastfeeding till 2 years is very healthy for d baby... So continue if u can
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