32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi...how to increase amniotic fluid....mine is 11%...it should b more than 15% as per my knowledge

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Answer: Drink lots of water and fluid. Keep your self hydrated
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Question: how to increase amniotic fluid index ? mine is 9.4 in 35 weeks ...is it normal
Answer: no it's not normal...the normal fluid index is 14 ... for to increase amnoatic fluid level you should have to drink more water nd coconut water..
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Question: There is any problem amniotic fluid is increase more than average what happen when amniotic fluid increase
Answer:     Hi, you can't do anything only doctor can guide you better. Follow doctor's instructions..  polyhydramnios or excess amniotic fluid, risk of the following complications is increased: Preterm contractions and possibly preterm labor. Premature rupture of membranes. Fetal malposition. Maternal respiratory compromise. Umbilical cord prolapse. Uterine atony. Abruptio placentae Signs and Symptoms of Polyhydramnios..... Excessive and rapid weight gain. ... A rapid increase in the mother's abdominal size and increasing discomfort. Swelling of the legs, and generalized body swelling. A slowing down of foetal movements. Breathlessness.       
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Question: as normal range of amniotic fluid is from 8 to 25 but mine is 22 doctor says that it is more than normal..what to do?
Answer: u must completly avoid salt in ur food nd take more vegetables in ur diet reduce the consumption of rice take more fruits and vegetables and use less sugar...do morw walk..
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