3 months old baby

Hi, how to avoid thumb sucking habit.. my baby is 3 months old.. give ur suggestions..

Hi,you should try to put mittens to your baby. Remove the thump from the mouth as soon as the baby as soon as the baby puts the thump in the mouth and than encouraged tour baby saying h you are doing g well Give your baby a healthy free teether to hold
It's too early. There is nothing wrong in thumbsu King almost all babies have thathabbit which will slowly go on its own. You have to worry only when it is there beyond one year or so
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Question: Hello how to avoid baby's from thumb sucking. My baby is 22 months old.
Answer: Hi Distract her by engaging in some toy or activity.Forcefully pulling thumb out of baby's mouth is likely to make her suck her thumb more often.Show her that her friends don't do it and she shouldn't do it either. Use a substitute .Pacifier can be a good option on which the baby can suck instead of her own thumb. Have patience as It takes time to get rid of a habit. Keep explaining to her why it's not a good habit. 
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Question: How to stop my son thumb sucking habit i use already all home remedies ple give any other suggestions
Answer: Hello dear... My son too has thumbsucking habit wat helped me was applying fresh aloe vera gel regularly bitterness in that will won't make them to suck again, and my doctor prescribe femmit that too works a lot, after that he completely stopped
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Question: my baby has thumb sucking habit .. how to stop it
Answer: apply some bitter thing like ailwa n mahdi n gv her crayon to bzy in drawing while sleeping childrens suck them thums usually try to apply lemon n those thing they dont like i hv xprnce m dng all thngs
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