19 months old baby

Question: Hi, home remedies for loose motions for 19 months baby

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Question: Home remedies for loose motions????
Answer: Take half spoon of chai patti with water.. Or you can eat banana. It will help you for sure
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Question: Home remedies for Loose motions
Answer: Hi dear, There are certain reasons like improper digestion can also increase the chances of motions, infections due to virus or bacteria or strong medication or poor hygiene and bad weather can also trouble bowel movements. If your breastfed ur baby and ur baby is below one yr then there some home remedies which a mother can follow at this stage a mother is the only source of nutrition for her child. So few home remedies like sabudana khichdi or sabdana water, breast milk also helps to recover from motions, try to gave ORS now a days there are many different flavours available in the market ; Or u can also try home made ORS similarly u can give banana also and pomegranates. Hope this will help. 
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Question: Home remedies for loose motions for 9 months old baby
Answer: Hi Here are the some remedies include,Because of loose motions, babies lose a lot of potassium, and it is necessary to replenish it.give plenty of water or ors solution..Mix a teaspoon of ginger, some cinnamon powder, a bit of cumin powder and a teaspoon of honey. Give this mixture to your baby thrice a day.Soak a bowl of puffed rice in a glass of water for about 15-20 minutes. Strain the rice and give the water to your baby twice a day to provide quick relief from loose motions. Homemade buttermilk is effective in fighting germs and bacteria. It soothes the digestive system quickly.Lemon is found in most households and is a great home remedy for curing loose motions in kids.
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