30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi hello i have white discharge and they are telling cervical redness this is the early stage of cancer pls suggest anyone

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Question: Did everyone has the white discharge during early pregnancy stage.. I have nothing. What's the reason?
Answer: White discharge is normal. I have it too. It happens due to changing hormones. Kindly do not worry. Have atleast 1 glass of milk to prevent protein loss
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Question: Is slight white discharge common during early stage of pregnancy
Answer: See if the discharge is clean and just a discharge then its completely normal as its because of your vaginal area cleaning itself. But if there is any other symptoms like itching, smell, burning sensation is with discharge then it can be because of infection and you must consult with your doctor and treat infection. Otherwise there is nothing yo worry about..
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Question: Is it normal to have white milky discharge at this stage of pregnancy.....plz suggest
Answer: Hii, Clear watery aur milky discharge without any bad smell or Itching sensation then it is normal during pregnancy. Drink plenty amount of water and eatable of curd daily as it helps to prevent any vaginal infection. Hope it helps.
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