32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi... Hazelnuts or chocolate hazelnut shake is good in pregnancy or not... Please suggest

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Answer: It can be taken but only in moderate quantity..no problem in taking but always keep in mind that we should not take a single food regularly during pregnancy
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Question: Doing yoga in this is good or not
Answer: In this time you. Have to take rest and doing yoga is also good for your health
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Question: Grapes fruit is good to eat during pregnancy or not??
Answer: Hi Mum, According to studies, adding plenty of grapes to your diet is good for health, especially during pregnancy as it has all vital nutrients that one needs to for better development of the baby. Enriched with the goodness of nature, grapes are loaded with the goodness of vitamin C and K, folate, antioxidants and fiber.
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Question: Hello, I am in 6th month of pregnancy. I tummy is very itchy. Could you please suggest some good cream?
Answer: Dear itching is common in pregnancy because of stretching skin causes dryness and hormonal surge.keep applying calsoft lotion for better results.oat mea bath, aloe vera gel helps better.hydrate your self well.if it is severe please visit doctor once and liver function test dear
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