30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, having sharp pain in my pelvic area and stomach, should I go to see the doctor or it is ok

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Answer: Hi dear, Sounds like a round ligament pain.there are two ligaments that holds uterus.it is usually short ligaments and once the Pregnancy progresses,it stretches too much,hence sudden movements would give such pains.donot worry.it should subside in some time.so better to move around slowly
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Question: Hi, Is it normal having pain in Pelvic area and groin.. in 7th month?
Answer: Hello dear When you’re experiencing pain in this area, it’s usually sharp enough that you’ll have a hard time walking or even talking through it Pelvis pain can be reduced by following remedies : 1. Use ice pack over the pelvic joints 2. Take a warm bath. 3. Do some pelvic exercises 4. Get a prenatal massage. 5 Exercise regularly
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Question: Stomach pain and vominting during 6 month is it ok or should i go to doctor?
Answer: Dear vomiting is fine and stomach pain rarly is fine if you are getting seviour stomach pain and unstopable vomiting....then pls consult the doctor...pls dont do any medication without doctors priscription....happy pregency dear
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Question: I am having a mild pain on my left side of the stomach and having pain on my lower abdomen shall i need to go and see doctor
Answer: Drink hot jeera water with gaggery and a spoon of butter. If the pain is more after having, better to go to doctor. If it's not getting more then not to worry
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