5 years old baby

Question: Hi, has anyone conceived without reaching orgasm? I have read lots of stories that orgasm is not necessary to get pregnant , just want to know any success cases?

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Answer: Yes, it's possible. Happened to me. :-) I recently read an article where the researchers came to the conclusion that there isn't a correlation between the two. The thing with having an orgasm, according to the study, is that if you get an orgasm during sex you will feel like having more sex thus increasing your chances of getting pregnant.
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    poonam sharma30 days ago

    I didn't reach org even to me also

Answer: Hello we are thinking for possible having a baby but there is no one for me to look after in that state neither me an my hubby both dnt have family and my husband works abroad so he will also be not here so how can i manage or plan a baby in this situation as we want to have a baby no matter what. Any suggestions please!!!
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    Energon Ben37 days ago

    This is a very difficult situation. You must live with him if you are not doing any job here..

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    kittu37 days ago

    And what if am working than

Answer: I have same question. I don't get orgasm while relations but i get it easily while masturbating. Does this effect pregnancy?
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    Aroosa Aleem33 days ago

    Waiting for reply

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    mahaLaxmi Shetti29 days ago

    Intercourse agi 7days semen test report wrong baratta reading jasti tarasatta or kadme plz heli

Answer: I think not at all necessary for me....
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