3 months old baby

Question: Hi guys my one breast is bigger than other one.what should I do?

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Answer: It is common for one breast to be bigger than the other... But while breastfeeding this difference becomes more evident.. however there's nothing you can do about it.. but please ensure that you wear well fitted bras to support you your breasts and prevent it from sagging...
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    RIA C Francis671 days ago

    Bras of correct fittings.. massaging the bigger breast upwards using oil.. avoiding those feeding through one breast most of the time... etc. Can help.... Please feed the baby by noting tym. A baby can drink 15-20 mins from one breast and this tyming can help you to switch breasts..

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Answer: Its normal, my baby was pooping after every feed till 3 to 4 months and had good weight gain and also there are babies who poop once or twice in a day and gain good weight also some babies poop once in 7 days so everything is normal since the baby's digestive system is still developing
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