6 months old baby

Question: Hi guys, I have 5 months 18 days boy baby... From yesterday evening he is having green color sticky loose motions... Please reply ASAP...

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Answer: Hello :) Firstly.. Due to an inappropriate feeding position,breast milk hitting the tummy fast can trigger green poop in babies as their tummy is still sensitive as the digestive system is still on developing stage. Secondly.. if baby s tummy is not filled properly this can also lead to green poop. Try a breastfeeding position that is laid back, and never watch the clock while feeding – let the baby feed for how long she wants to. Thanks
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Question: 4 months old baby having loose motions with green color from 1 week..is it normal?
Answer: There can be infection, digestion issues or lactose intolerance due to which your baby is having green color motion. Consult your doctor further to evaluate the reason of green motion and try to keep baby hydrated.
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Question: My 4 months baby boy is having loose motions it is green n white in color
Answer: Hello dear White baby poop could be a warning sign that your baby is not properly digesting food. A white color may indicate a lack of bile from the liver to digest food. In the first few years, you will experience a full range of “normal” baby poop types that simply indicate your baby is healthfully growing. As small babies immune system is not developed fully so they are facing many stomach problems. U can try following remedies for loose motions : 1. Give ORS to the baby at regular intervals to keep dehydration 2. Breastfeed ur baby as much as possible.
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Question: Hi.. my baby is having loose sticky motions fron yesterday. From yesterday he pooped for around 12-13 times. I too have motions from yesterday. Is this normal or should i give my poop to a stool ex
Answer: 12 - 13 times is not normal. Please consult your doctor. And make sure you both are hydrated all the time
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