27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi guys,, before pregnancy my weight is 63 kg and height is 5'4.. now I am 26 week's pregnant and now my weight is 70 kg... is it safe or not??? what is the exact weight for 26 weeks present for my height.. plz tell me

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Answer: There throughout the pregnancy a mother can gain around 12 to 15 kgs first 3 months we can gain 2 kgs and then every single months she will gain to kgs I think you are doing fine don't worry
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Question: Hi guys,, before pregnancy my weight is 63kg, & my height is 5'4... now I'm 26 week's pregnant & now my weight is 70 kg..is it safe or not?? What is the exact weight for 26 week's pregnant..for my height?
Answer: Dear ur weight s normal acvirding to pregnancy. A pregnant women gains 10 to 15 kg weight in all over delivery. So dear dont take stess abht ur weight .baby weight should be f9 whether mothers weight gains or not.dear in 1 pregnancy my weight does not gains single kg till 25 weight my gyno said its normal because my babues growth was good. So dear ur weight s normal nothing 2 worry abht
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Question: My height is 5'4" and my weight is 82 kg. Am i overweight
Answer: Hi dear, 84 kg with that height is very high.you should be ideally below 60kg. This can be calculated using body mass index calculator.divide your height with weight .if the value is between 18-25 it is normal.anything below 18 is underweight while above 25 is obese.your BMI is 36,which is quite high.try controling your weight right away by eating healthy and exercise regularly.
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Question: How much weight gain is safe for normal during pregnancy. I am 5'4 height and my weight is 65kgs now.
Answer: Hi dear, You can expect an increase of 12- 18 kgs of weight in your whole pregnancy. Excessive weight gain can lead to complications like gestational diabetes.you can start eating smaller meals instead of larger meals.avoid sugary food and refined food. Start mild exercises daily.
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