30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi guys. Am 30 weeks pregnant. From last night to now i can feel the baby movements more on right side.. its little painful also. All normal na ?

Answer: I advice you to visit doctor for check up as painful movements sometimes is a symptom of reduced amniotic fluid. Just go to be sure that everything is fine.
Answer: Hello! There is no problem. It is absolutely normal Try to change positions. This might help you to some extent. Take care
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    vishalakshi hiremath118 days ago

    Thank u..

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Question: Hi Dr. Am 30 weeks pregnant. From yesterday am feeling more movement's on right side of my stomach. Its little painful. Is it normal ?
Answer: Hello dear its normal as they r growing strong day by day gradually movements will decreases ...it is normal no need to worry ...take care Hope this info helps
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Question: Can I sleep on right side... Because that side only I can feel the movements more....?
Answer: Dear .. best side to sleep in pregnancy is on your left side .. it helps in blood circulation. But if you want to sleep sometime on your right and you feel your baby more on that side then take care that you don't put more pressure. However, if you will put pressure you yourself will feel uncomfortable and your baby will start kicking and moving to other side. Hope this will help.
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Question: i m 30 weeks prgnant ... i feel movements only left side nd some time on top of the belly... but i wont feel movemnt at all on the right side .. is it normal or need to worry?
Answer: Its normal nothin to worry...I've heard that if baby kicks are felt more on left then its a girl and if on the right then its a boy.Not sure if this is true though.
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