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Question: hi. got ultrasound done could see sac and also heart beat and dr said she could even saw a small cyst at the right side and told me that it wil disappear as the baby grows. is it normal will they b any problm?

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Answer: hello dear this is normal.. many pregnant women have cyst in their pregnancy.. mostly they will not harm to your baby.. yes they will disappear as your baby grows..
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Question: Iam 5 weeks pregnant and doctor saw the ultrasound and said your egg is very very small. Is it safe ??
Answer: There is no much to worry if ur egg is so small but it is a matter of concern. There can be various reasons for ur small egg: The pregnancy is still very early then you may have an issue with the actual age of the pregnancy. But as ur doctor is able to see small egg that means that means sac is there. So, u again have to check after some weeks
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Question: In scan they saw yolk say and fetal pole.... But they didn't see heart beat.... And as per the lmp I am 8 weeks.... As per the scan 6 weeks... And I have 40 days period.... Is it any pblm....
Answer: Hi dear, Wait for another week and get a scan 9 the week you should be getting baby heart that your gestational age is 8 wait till 9 th week.
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Question: hii today i did ultrasound and the doctor told me that the foetus is good but the heart beat is little slow... i am 6 week 1 day pregnant also she noticed there is cyst on the right side a small cyst... what do u think abt this ?
Answer: hello.. dear cyst and low heart beat at early pregnancy is normal and common.. but after few weeks you may develop good heart beat and the cyst cant be removed till your delivery... you need to take proper medicines for your cyst... as they wont harm you and your baby...
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