29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi gd mrng pregnancy time.motion colour was black why like tht

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Answer: It's due to iron tablet you are taking.....
Answer: I will be because of iron supplements
Answer: Because of medicines. Dont worry
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Question: why the motion colour changes to black in pregnancy
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your anxiety.Do you have any pain or other symptoms associated with it. Motion becomes black with iron supplements as they are hard to digest. If you are using iron supplements it's common for motion to become black. Drink warm water especially before potty. Eat fruits, vegetables and green leafy vegetables as they aid in digestion help to reduce blackness. If you are not using any iron supplements please contact doctor once. Take care.
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Question: Colour of nipple during pregnancy why become so black?
Answer: Body changes in pregnancy are normal dear Your body changes according to the needs of the baby dear Breasts start becoming tender as the milk glands enlarge dear Nipples become sore and tender so that when baby sucks they eject milk dear These are the ways in which body is getting ready for the baby dear If you are feeling more uncomfortable please put warm massage it should be gentle dear It helps relieve a little discomfort dear Sleep by removing your inner so that breasts have space to expand dear Apply ghee or good moisturising cream to nipple to get relief dear If you still feel uncomfortable or you see blood stains please contact doctor dear Take care
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Question: Hi my urine some times dark yellow colour some times nrml why like tht
Answer: Hello... UTI in pregnancy causes mainly due to dehydration , and body heat also causes pain in private area,few steps below might help Drink buttermilk,tender coconut in empty stomach for better results Drink atleast two litres a day,you can keep bottle,and drink little throughout the day,might help Take oil bath ,two days a week Drink fenugreek water will also good,include veggies like cucumber, pumpkin raddish will be effective You can also apply castor oil in tummy will be more useful in reliving heat Drink muskmelon juice,it will give you better releif..
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