37 weeks pregnant mother

Hi from yesterday there is a water discharge its nt too much and not less

It's time to see your doctor your about to deliver.. happy parenting in advance..
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Question: Hi yesterday some water discharge from vagina .its my 8th month .is it okk?
Answer: Hi,check this with your Dr as this could be amf leackage which is not a good sign.
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Question: Hi...m 36 week pregnant.kal raat thoda sa water discharge not too much..is dis normal?
Answer: It is very normal to have a clear and runny, whitish or slightly yellowish vaginal discharge during pregnancy. With the number of changes taking place in your body to get it prepared for the delivery, it is very natural to have these changes. The cervix receives an increase in blood supply and hormone levels also keep changing. More mucous is secreted which results in increased vaginal discharge. The discharge is non-smelly in normal conditions. However, if you experience foul smell, bloody or greenish discharge, or itching or a burning sensation, you should immediately consult your doctor, as it could be related to infection.
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Question: hi..I am 32 weeks pregnant..and there is too much white discharge...is it normal ?
Answer: yes it is normal..Normal vaginal discharge during pregnancy is called leukorrhea and is thin, white, milky, and mild smelling. Leukorrhea is normal and nothing for you to worry about.
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