24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.... from yesterday i am feeling little stretching near belly button.. is it normal during pregnancy

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Answer: Hi dear, Stretching of skin is very normal during pregnancy your uterus is expanding to give space for your growing baby. Sometimes you may even notice stretch marks appearing on your tummy.there is nothing to worry drink plenty of water and fluids.
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    Sakshi MISHRA914 days ago

    It pains little when belly stretches

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Question: Hi ma'am am feeling slight burning sensation near belly button
Answer: This burning sensation near belly button is caused by the stretching of the skin on your belly... apply some moisturizer or coconut oil to reduce this burning sensation...
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Question: I am 7 weeks pregnant and I observe little pain near belly button is it normal ?
Answer: It's normal because the baby growing is so fast after seven month ..so your stomach part will be extend so it will causes some little pain to belly button.
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Question: I am having pulling feel near my belly button.. i am little worried... is it normal?
Answer: That is your baby movements... Nothing to worry.. Enjoy the movements
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