6 months old baby

Question: Hi. From Jan 29th I should go back to my job but my baby will only 5months old... so can I ask my mom to start cow milk and cerelac at his initial days of 6th month itself. BCZ I can feed him only 8am nd post 6pm. How to manage this long duration. Pls some one answer me

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Answer: You can give him cerelac nd give him one biscuit in water or kahva...
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Question: What can i give for 5months baby? I need to go to work...My mom will takecare of my child
Answer: Hi dear For babies atleast till 6 months breast feed is a must for their healthy weight gain with imminity..as no other source is rich in immunity as mothers milk which is a must for babys growth....
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Question: hi.. my baby is 5months 20days old now.. I started solids like rice n cerelac as I have to resume my job after 10 days.. my question is how can I manage breastfeeding during office hours and milk supply is good enough tat leaks some time.. how to manage this?? Pls help
Answer: Hello dear if you have chance to feed your baby while doing work after joining your job then feed your baby initially for every three hours.. Otherwise pump your breast milk in glass feeding bottles or steel feeding bottles and refrigerate or freeze it in refrigerator.. Also wear supportive feeding bra with pads.. also pads will prevent you from leaking..
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Question: my baby is 5months old..next month he will be in the 6th month..can I use cerelac to feed him??
Answer: Yes u can use cerelac to feed him. I will also use cerelac for my baby
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