9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi from day first of pregnency my breast was painful and nipple was soar.this the only thing that I feel .but from yesterday my breasts are normal and donot have pain.i am worried about my pregnency .

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Answer: No need to worry it is an hormonal change every week u will find a difference in your body...
Answer: I also had pain till 9 weeks. But now there is no pain. I m now 11 week. Seems it is normal
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Question: Hi.. My sister's baby is 20 days old. But the baby is still not having milk directly from breast. She will only have with nipple attached to breast. We are worried. How can we make her to have directly from breast. We have been trying a lot to practice her. But she refuses and she will have only with help of nipple. Please suggest.
Answer: Hello dear Nipple shield is a short term plan but dont make it a habit otherwise it can interfere with ur baby's breastfeeds, reducing the amount of milk she can take from your breast. So, Immediately before breastfeeding baby, hand express or pump just until let-down and then latch baby on. Ensure baby opens his mouth widely to encourage him to take as much breast tissue into his mouth as possible for a wide, deep latch.
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Question: M 18 weeks pregnant I don't have much of problem in pregnency but my breast and nipples are painful is it normal pregnency symptoms
Answer: Hi! Yes dear its normal There is an up surge of lots of hormones in your body at a time when you are pregnant. Also your body gets prepared in its own way so that you can breastfeed your child. So dont worry breast pain or soreness along with a little discharge is also normal.. Good luck!
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Question: My boob's are getting darker day by day not only nipple but the rest of the boobs is it normal?
Answer: Yes its normal, it is becoz of hormonal changes during pregnancy
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