12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi frnds im in my 11 weeks of pregnanacy I m not feeling comfortable with my stomach nd having lot nd lot of back pain I really worried abt my baby. Is my baby safe

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Answer: Hi dear during 12 weeks of pregnancy back pain stomach pain body ache feeling tired vomiting nausea lower back pain is very common nothing indicates any harm to your baby if your pregnancy does not have any complication from the very beginning so you do not need to worry about your baby's safety it is troublesome for you to suffer through back pain for stomach pain usually the stomach pain happens because of muscle stretching and secondly round ligament pain which is nothing but a band of tissue supports your uterus which keeps expanding during pregnancy to accommodate the foetus in your body and lower back pain happens due to the weight gain aur for a same posture there is nothing much that can be done to is the lower back pain but yes keeping a warm pad correcting your posture sitting with a lot of question pillows at the back walking on a daily basis for 10 minutes not slouching and sitting straight will help you .. Hope you find this helpful ..
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Question: I,m not feeling hungry my legs nd back pain whole day i can't eat i feel my stomach already full of food what should i do i,m really worried its my 3rd pregnancy its my 17th week
Answer: Hello Dear I understand, it happens with few females.. But, you need to EAT, if not for yourself, for your baby.. If you will remain healthy then only you will deliver a healthy child. Eat what you like, include lot of fluids and your favourite juices in your diet.. Believe in yourself, have faith.
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Question: Hai Frnds I am 9 week pregnancy I am feeling with lot of cold ND cought
Answer: Hi dear, Viral infections are quite normal during pregnancy. As the body's immune system dips to support the baby,mothers do catch cold quite often .try to stay warm.keep sipping warm water through out the day. Steaming helps to clearing nasal congestion. Boil tulsi leaves,with crushed pepper,ajwain and grated ginger.keep sipping this for relief.eucalyptus oil inhaling could give relief too.also keep checking the heaolfy app for pregnancy tips and care.healofy homepage has enormous info on related aspects.donot miss out...
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Question: Im also having lower back pain a lot today... And i m feeling too much cold nd i m shivering bcz of that... Pls help
Answer: Hello! Try to apply hot water bottle wrapped in towel. This will give you immediate relief. Also avoid bending and go for brisk walk. Make sure you drink plenty of water and sleep on sides too. Take care
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