20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi friends,I want to know risk involve with 16mm cervical lenght. Doctor suggested me to complete bed rest but I am having white discharge.what to do.

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Answer: Dear white discharge is very common during pregnancy. cervix length refers to the length of the lower end of uterus.it should be 3-4cm at least during pregnancy, means as adequate.if it is less than 2.5cm called as short cervix.it is increasing chance of miscarriage or preterm labour which is high risk for baby.take care
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Question: Hi madam , I was affected with diabetes in 8 th month, doctor suggested me for "C"section. The cervical stitch was opened 1 week back. I want to go under normal delivery. Am I suggested to do yoga now .If I practice yoga is there any chance to go under normal delivery within these 3 days
Answer: Hi....I don't know why your doctor asked for c-sec.i had also stitches and gestational diabetic also but my doctor refused to do c-sec when I asked and luckily I had normal delivery.pls talk to ur doctor.those the women had stitches has higher chance of normal delivery.
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Question: Hi, do I need to have sugar tests in pregnancy? My doctor didn't suggested me with sugar tests.
Answer: If you have diabetes than it need to do, if not feeling any symptoms if diabetes you can skip the test. Mainly this test happens in 7th months.
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Question: I want to know about ecosprin tablet. Doctor suggested me ecosprin tablet once in a day along with duphaston tablet . What is the use of ecosprin in pregnancy
Answer: It is given so that the blood flows normally to the foetus.dont worry.just keep a check on blood pressure.
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