9 months old baby

Question: Hi, friends plz suggest me what should I give my 9th month baby to eat except dalia, rava kheer nd khichdi. His teeth r not grown up yet bcoz of dat I can not give him solid food

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Answer: Hi! Baby may not hv teeth but their gums r strong enough to handle solid in mouth, pls dont hesitate start normal food which is homemade.. Hope this helps!
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Question: my baby is 11 months old not having teeth . please suggest me some new items to eat for him else then khichdi, Dalia, puree,sooji kheer ,curd
Answer: Teething is a very natural process but often parents build up bad ideas around it due to which they panic more than the baby. There are few things to keep in mind, if followed you and your baby will sail through this phase. First, have patience. This will help you stay calm and wouldn't let you take hasty decision. Teething is something which will happen it might be little painful for your baby. You can't share his pain but you can always provide comfort. Hence being calm will come handy here. Second, You ll find many people saying that during teething baby becomes thin suffers diarrhea fever etc. Its not true. These are not cause because your baby is teething, these happens when proper hygiene is not followed around baby. During teething baby tends to put his hand or object in his mouth and tries to chew on them, as this helps him release the pressure caused by erupting teeth on the gum. Often these objects or baby’s hand carries germs which get transferred to baby’s body giving him loose motion or fever. The severity of the symptoms shows how infected your baby is. So it's mandate to clean baby’s hand and sterilize his toys/pacifier This would be best time to invest in teether. Buy number of them. Third, Never apply anything on his gums. You can always massage his gums with your clean finger. You can give teething biscuits, finger foods, cold piece of carrot etc to help ease the pain and also as appetite reduces during teething these options will keep him full. Feed as per demand. Fourth, Avoid giving over the counter medicine to your baby other than homeopathic calcium supplement. As during teething baby needs extra calcium and sometimes it's not matched up by mother's milk. Just remember pain makes us stronger. Same goes for your baby. His first one or two teething experience could be painful but he ll get used to for the rest of the others. Don't forget to shower your baby with hugs and kisses. You both will be fine.
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Question: My baby do not eat the I make for him he only eats cerelac no khichdi no Dalia no suji ki kheer what should I give him?
Answer: It's a universal problem dear. Don't worry. It's just a phase. As they grow they loose interest in food because they will more engaged in exploring other things. Just be patient. Keep trying to give variety of food like soups, pancakes, eggs, fruit smoothie ,rice Dal veggies mix or whatever baby likes. Make habbit of eating with everyone. Child don't listen to us they imitate us. Give food in a plate and let child eat by self. You too eat with baby. Baby will surely copy you. Offer finger foods to baby. Give plenty of warm water. Keep breastfeeding your baby.
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Question: one year old baby girl.hb 8.4.dr suggest dal ,dalia ,khichdi ,suji kheer ,banana.she said don't give chapati nd cow milk till1.5 or 2yr.my baby eat chapati happily.what should i do?
Answer: Hello Once the baby is above a year it is safe to give cows milk and roti as there digestive system is able to digest the carbohydrates. Try feeding ur baby roti if she s not complaining of stomach pain or not having loose motions then it is safe to give her both cows milk and roti. Next time whn u visit ur doctor ask him y u should not give the reason will help u understand y the doctor suggested the diet.
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