40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi friends my right eye is twitching(blinking) always more than a ten times a day.when I searched in net they said it s symptoms of pregnancy but it indicates a bad luck for girls so I am worried a lot friends plz suggest me

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Answer: Nothing like that twitching of eyes may be due to lack of sleep stress fatigue more screen time its normal try to take rest reduce your screen time specially before bed and have good 8 hours of sleeping
Answer: apne d c se cns t karlena
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Question: I'm having severe vomiting, gastritis and constipation ,and was under my gynaecologist's medication..I vomited more than a ten times a day ..from yesterday onwrds I feel better,no vomitg or constipation..only gastritis n salivation..absence of vomitg,is it a bad sign? I'm worried..all r saying that vomiting is a good sign
Answer: Hi dear. so sorry to know that you are facing so much vomiting and nausea during pregnancy but I can totally relate to this situation because I have also had the same during my pregnancy and don't worry dear there is nothing problematic if vomiting has vanished, in fact it is good for us you will be able to eat everything from now. if you have the issue of gas then add link and join in your food whenever you cook food for you and avoid oily spicy food focuses basically on a light and liquid meal and also walk daily for 1 hour. Hope this will help you.
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Question: I am constantly having lower eye lid twitching. From wen I got pregnant why does it happen I am worried as they say it's bad for women to have eye twitch espcially right eye
Answer: There are so many changes will happens in a pregnant women.... Don't believe in superstition... After delivery it will change... Don't worry
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Question: Hi friends when i went to docter before ten days they said it was confirmed pregnany of 7weeks. But again i went today they in scan they r saying its not visible anything abd they have given 3 more days time. I am afraid dont know wt to do.felt bad
Answer: 2 month sy pehle baby show nai hota hai ulra sound mai
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