Few days old baby

Question: Hi friends.. My lo is 59 days old. After Feeding bm she is crying. It seems Bm is not sufficient for her. Pls tell me how to give fm along with bm. Can we give suddenly after giving bm or we have to wait for some time. Pls suggest.

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Answer: Dont giv immediately after bm....one feed u giv bm ..n nxt feed u giv fm...u plz drink daily 1.5 ltrs of milk with milk bread(500ml eachin the mrng evng n night) ...drink 3 ltrs of water a day ( before n aftr feed ) compulsorily...u will find enough bm ..milk bread slices minimum 3 to 4 u take in each 500ml...i eat milk bread with 500ml of mothers horlicks as breakfast ...evng if hungry as snacks i take milk with rusks or oats...this gives more lactation
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Question: After giving fm can i give bm suddenly.. bec my baby having fm 30ml only aftertat she crying for bm.. can i give bm suddenly? Pl tell me
Answer: Increase the quantity by 50ml..and do give burp😊
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