2 years old baby

Question: Hi friends......my last periods was on june 8th n still no periods...we use condom wen we r together...i dont no y i dint get periods iam worried plzzzz help

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Answer: Hi Well it's too late stress and inadequate diet mat be the reason or there are many reason for missed periods but i guess firstly, you get a pregnancy test kit and check condoms at times aren't 100 percent safe it might have a hole or something Test with the urine test kit if it's negative Then consult a gynaclogist regarding same she might be able to examine and inform you the reason behind delay in periods
Answer: Hello Get a home pregnancy test if u get a positive result then get a blood test done. Based on the result u can take ur decision. Condones are only 70% safe
Answer: Hi dear, Y dont you do a pregnancy test i.e the urine test. Ull get ur answer. If my answer was helpful plz hit like
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    Ayesha Akhil860 days ago

    Y iam not using it coz always we use condom

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    Anna Fernandes860 days ago

    Thats okay but u have missed ur periods so just check just for ur confirmation. Condom cnt b trusted much.

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Answer: Hi dear For fast pregnancy do take vitamin B rich diets.. Usually your ovulation starts from 10 th day of your periods date..so do intercourse from your 10th day to 18th day to get fast pregnancy anf after 18th day take rest anf avoid travels,spicy foods and dont life weights Also while doing sex keep a pillow under your back hip portion which has more possibility to let sperm in to touch egg
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