3 months old baby

Question: hi friends, my baby is three months old by C section, I have gain too much weight 87kg after delivery plz suggest

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Answer: Do walking
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Question: How to gain weight after c section delivery , i find myself very weak , plz suggest something ?
Answer: Dear it has already been 6 months so your recovery is already complete. You must be feeling weak because the diet you are taking isn't healthy enough and with the breastfeeding it is making you feel weak. Here is a list of foods which you should eat to gain your health back:- 1. Low-fat dairy products: Include three cups or at least 500ml of dairy every day. 2. Whole grains: Enriched whole grain products contain folic acid, iron and fiber, which are essential in the early developmental stage of your baby. For new mothers who experience sleepless nights and wake up irritated in the morning, a whole grain cereal breakfast works. 3. Fruits and vegetables: Citrus fruits like oranges and antioxidant-rich blueberries are good for breastfeeding mothers. Citrus fruits contain vitamin C. Green veggies like broccoli, spinach, pointed gourd, Indian round gourd, beans, fenugreek leaves and lotus stem are excellent sources of vitamins A and C, iron and dietary calcium. They contain heart-healthy antioxidants and low calories. They are good for both the mother and her baby. You should consume three portions of fruits and two portions of veggies every day. 4. Oats: You can have them along with milk, dry fruits or nuts. You can also chop some fruits such as apple, banana or mango, and eat them with oats. 5. Pulses: Include lentils and green gram as they are easily digestible and help you lose the extra weight. 6. Turmeric: It helps reduce inflammation and heals internal and external wounds quickly. Add about a half teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of warm milk and drink it every day. 7. Almonds:\ It is one of the must-have foods which benefit your health as well as beauty. Almonds can be taken in any form – raw, soaked, shakes, etc. 8. Ajwain (carom seeds) : Ajwain or carom seeds are a good source of thymol, which helps soothe pain caused by indigestion and gas. It also cleanses uterus and gives relief from the post-delivery pain.You can also drink ajwain water every day. 9. Ginger and garlic: It acts as an anti-inflammatory substance. Garlic aids digestion and helps reduce post pregnancy weight. You can add a little ginger-garlic paste to your foods while cooking. 10. Finger millet: It can be included in your diet as an alternative to milk and other dairy products. It is a great alternative for mothers who are allergic to dairy food. 11. Cumin: Cumin seeds help in producing breast milk. You can add some cumin seeds in any food or powder white cumin seeds and add it to a glass of warm milk. Drink this twice every day to improve breast milk supply. 12. Fenugreek: It can be added to a variety of dishes and fenugreek tea is good for lactating mothers. 13. White and black sesame seeds: These are rich in iron, calcium, copper, phosphorus, and magnesium. It significantly regulates bowel movement. 14. Asafoetida (hing): You can add a little amount of hing to your foods. It eases out flatulence and gas and aids in better digestion. It, therefore, treats gastrointestinal issues that are common after delivery. It is advisable to check with your doctor before you start a meal regime. Sometimes, she may suggest some vitamin or iron supplements. Hope it helps.
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Question: How to I loose my weight after c section after three months of delivery
Answer: A woman giving birth is a difficult subject in a woman's life. After pregnancy, the mother's weight does not decrease so easily. Especially in Caesarean, it takes a lot of time to reduce belly fat and bring it back to its former condition. But reducing the fat of any type of stomach is not very easy and the condition becomes more difficult when the Caesar. Because standard abdominal exercise cannot be done. However, alternate ways to reduce fat after cesarean fat. Let's know some things: 1. The best way to lose weight after the C section is to breastfeed the baby. The child should breastfeed for six months only. With this, your fat excess fat will be reduced. 2. The first six months after delivery are very important. At this time, pregnancy hormones travel and all fat in the body is loosened. Weight loss is very difficult if this fat condensation becomes tight. Start some common exercises, such as walking. 3. If you want to reduce stomach fat, you only have to go after belly without having to eat, sleep, and go to the washroom. Although it is a lot of annoying, you definitely will get good results. 4. The best way to reduce stomach fat after the C section is to bathe. The stomach muscles are strong in it. 5. Water protects the fluid balance in the body. You may be surprised to hear that the water helps to remove excess fat from the intestine. So drink plenty of water every day. This will require less hunger and fill the stomach. 6. If you give milk to the baby, carbohydrate is needed for excess energy. Besides, protein, fruits, and vegetables must be eaten. But refrain from eating ghee, butter and sweet. 7. Healthy foods do not have a strong desire to eat. So eat healthy food. So do not be starving. This will cause harm to you and your child. After a cesarean operation, you can not do heavy exercises for a few days. So do not be frustrated to think that the previous status will not be returned. Be patient. Take the matter positively and try. You can reduce the stomach fat.
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Question: When we start exercising after C-section delivery I gain weight on my tummy plz suggest
Answer: Hello... Dear since you have c section,it is better to start exercising after six months,because now your body is in healing process,to reduce weight and tummy will be helpful
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