Few days old baby

Question: hi friends my baby is of 5 days she is so sleepy not drinking my milk why help me please

2 Answers
Answer: New born have to sleep for atlest 16-17 hrs per day..u have to give milk to ur baby for every 2 hrs..small amount of milk is more than enough for them ,because they have very small stomach only.if u r not satisfy,consult ur pediatrition.
Answer: New borns sleep long but u have to wake them up and feed after every 2 hours..gently tap on back of the ear of baby to wake up
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Question: Hi..my baby is of 4 months old..she is not drinking left side breast milk ..plzz give any solution ...
Answer: It happens some babies do like that but after Lil sleepy try to feed other breast
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Question: My baby is 22days old,while drinking milk she is hardly swallowing ..plz help me
Answer: Once show your baby to pediatrician dear ,doctor will treat and give medicine for speed recovery.
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Question: Why baby is not drinking milk properly at night time.?and he is crying so much whatvis the reason?
Answer: May be colic. , check once her tummy. If it is hard, try anti colic drops
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