7 months old baby

Question: Hi friends my baby is having a big vomting at nyt time..it occurs daily. Im afraid to feed anything to her..she is suffering alot before it occurs..plzzz help me out of this situation..i am not giving any food to my baby due to this cause..plzzz help me

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Answer: Hello dear i think your baby has digestion issue. Give her only light food like well cooked daliya, khichdi which baby can digest easily. If still baby vomit then consult with pedestrian. And dont over feed your baby.
Answer: Hello dear little bit vomiting is ok but your baby is doing vomiting on regular besis so you should not ignore the problem. Your baby has digestion issue.
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Question: I m having saviour acidity plzzz help me out pf this i m having rantac150 mg not affecting i m suffering alot plzzzz help
Answer: hi dear ,Rantac is safe during pregnancy and you can take the medicine but always consult your doctor before taking any medicine during pregnancy. Eat non oily & non spicy food. Avoid eating Complex carbohydrates. Sipping of chilled Milk or chilled water can help you. Don't worry dear it's troublesome i know, but part of your pregnancy.
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Question: Hello, im 32 week pregnant, from 2 months im suffering from allergic bronchitts. Daily im suffering from heavy cough, it will effect baby??? Please help me out
Answer: Most of the respiratory infections like bronchitis are not associated with high risk for pregnancy complications. If cough is persistent, you may often worry that the cough will affect the baby. However, this is unlikely to be so. Consult your doctor and get treated to avoid the discomfort.
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Question: Im entered into 9 week..i cried alot yestrday for some issue , can this heavy crying harms the baby? Is it alright? Or any chances to cause anything
Answer: Don't worry dear... crying a lot won't affect the baby. But continuous mental strain can affect the baby. So try to be happy always
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