2 months old baby

Question: Hi friends. My baby is 1 month 20 days didn't pass motion past 1 week. Breast milk only. He is healthy active . Passing urine often and gas also. What should I do now to make him pass stool

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Answer: Dear you should massage baby tummy with warm oil . This will keep stomach muscle soft. While bathing pour warm water over tummy babu will do potty .
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Question: My baby always pass stool after every feed whatever I give to him. Sometimes pass white stool. I m giving cow's milk to him. Can it be the reason for passing stool so many times or anything else??Is it normal or not? Please suggest. Is there any digestion problem?? And he is also not gaining the weight.but he is active. Please suggest what should I do.
Answer: Obviously it is a matter of concern to pass white stool. It could be in infection or indication of weak digestive system. Stop giving cow milk for few days and give any formula milk stage 3. Try this at least for a week or two and if baby is not passing loose motion then possibly babies unable to digest cow milk. I think you should consult doctor as well as this is not normal.
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Question: My baby is fed by both breast milk and formula milk, from two days he is making gas, he is passing stool normally, and is also passing gas, still he remain fussy.. Pls help.. About this
Answer: Hi dear, babies release gas and it's normal,do not wry. But after every feed,try to burp ur baby..if u remove burp baby feel better n relaxed. As babies digestive system s forming now,it takes time. If baby is still uncomfortable then colicaid drops can be given.but before giving consult ur pediatrician advice plz
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Question: Hi, My 1 month old baby didn't pass motion from past two days.. Urinating fine and passing gas very often.. What I should do.. I'm also having problem with motion, it's hard and painful sometimes I m bleeding with motion since it's hard..
Answer: It is fine... Dont worry... But u can eat papaya for ur problm.
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