1 months old baby

Question: Hi friends just want to know can I give 5 drops each of calcium , iron and multi vitamin to 41 days old infant twice a day

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Answer: concelt ur pediatric and giv
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Question: Why doctors prescribe multi vitamin drops and calcium drops for infant 0-6 months old . What if we dont give.?
Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s few months old dear if ur pediatrian suggest u multivitamin nd calcium drops u should give.dear skip the medicine try it
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Question: My baby is on formula milk is it necessary to give multi vitamin drops, calcium drops and vitamin d3 drops
Answer: Hi.. Dear initially doctors recommend these things because kids are not on food sources and were protected inside mum's womb.. But, gradually you can reduce it will not be a problem once your child start having semi solids..
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Question: can I take multi vitamin tablet.. doctor has given me iron,calcium and protein powder only..
Answer: Hii kindly dont take anythg without doctor advise. Ur need would be these minerals thats why doctor must have give u above supplements. Rest keep ur diets well. Eat dry furits specially walnut,almonds, apricots.take frsh fruits and green leavy vegetables, paneer, tofu, chicken, egg, curd.these will give u required minerals. All the best.
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Question: I have baby girl 14 days old and she is fine.can i give calcium phosphorus and vitamin D3 suspension (ossopand-D) 2.5 ml 2 times in a day and multi vitamin drops (vi syneral) drops 5 drops in a day to my new born baby
Answer: Hi dear since your baby is only 14 days old and these medicines these are supplements that are given to newborn babies can be given and they are safe to there is no problem they fill the nutritional gap the baby might have in the growing days . Hope this helps!
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