1 months old baby

Question: Hi friends .I'm using nipple shied for feeding. I am much worried whether it will reduce my milk production .

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Answer: Hi. No it wont reduce your milk production. But try to latch your baby directly. Also proper diet will help you in maintaining your milk production. add fruits, dry fruits green veggies, Masoor dal ,oats , daliya, sagoo in youe diet. Having methi, jeera water ia also very helpful.
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Question: Hi do using nipple shield for feeding reduce milk supply...am having severe pain while feeding without it..
Answer: Hello dear. I can share a remedy which will help you with the pain and please prefer not using nipple shield. The only thing that I did which helped me tremendously was while taking a shower taking luke warm water in a mug adding dettol in it placed ur palm under ur nipple and start pouring that warm water with dettol slowly so that the nipple is soaked in it for few seconds. Do it slowly till 3-4 minutes. Trust me it will help in healing and u will be fine if u do it twice in a day. Just make sure u clean it properly before u feed ur baby.
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Question: Will it reduce the production of breastmilk while feeding through nipple shield?
Answer: Hi dear, if you have problem in your nipple then you have to use nipple Shield to feed a baby. But sometime try to feed your baby directly as the touches of your baby's tongue on nipple will induce more milk flow. You can also use breast pump for the same. Hope it helps.
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Question: Can i do jogging to reduce my body weight?whether it will affect the milk production
Answer: No dear. You can start. It's good for you. It keeps you healthy .eat lots of leafy vegetables fruits nuts eggs chicken fish ghee, which keeps you healthy. Drink lots of water to burn calories and water helps in increasing breastmilk.
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