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Question: Hi friends...Im trying to conceive past 1 year... this mnth doctor did a follicular study... doctor said u hav good egg... i hav a 30 day cycle... at 15th day egg ruptured... actually tdy is my period date but it wont come... i hav a little breast pain and back pain pain for past 3 days and there is a little cramping on my right abdominal.. but there is no implantation bleeding to me... if there is any possible to be pregnant... if yes then tell me what are the preventive things i will do to be pregnant please anyone ans to me friends...

Answer: Dont eat papayya coconut pineapple...n have rest for few days....n avoid dust to u
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Question: I have undergone follicular study..i have sex on thursday doctor put hcg injection on Friday..again i had sex on sunday..on monday doctor my eggs has been ruptured and there will be a possibility of pregnancy?
Answer: hi if the eggs has been ruptured and released and if you had a sexual intercourse yes there are chances of conception however you should be the name is your periods to know if you have conceived
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Question: Doctor refers me to hav a intercourse from today... But yesterday i took hsg test... It is little painful .. they gave me a painkiller tablet for 2 days... They suggest that dont take a non veg... Shall j hav a ik intercourse today or not?... If i hav intercourse then there will be any pain appear or not ?
Answer: Hi,dear if you want to conceive than you should have intercourse as suggested by your Dr
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Question: Hi all.. I went to doctor on 22 nd of September and she said that my egg is ruptured and today it is my 10th day from the day of egg ruptured. I am having irregular periods and my last period date is 6 th September. I did not get my periods yet. Is there a chance of i am pregnant??
Answer: Are you went under any fertility treatment like iui/
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