25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi friends , i am 24 weeks pregnant doctor has suggested me to take ecosprin. 75 mg tablet daily 2 tablets at night i am scared to take because they had told me that their is slight high bp but my bp reading s are 120/80 , it is normal only but still i dont know ahy she instructed and are there any chances of side effects please any one suggest me..

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Answer: Even my dr suggested me to take ecosprin as I was having slight high BP,there was no side effects for me..till 32 week of pregnancy I took this tablet ..after tat Dr told me stop ...this tablet taken to keep BP in control tats it......
Answer: I'm also taking ecosprin 150 med 1 in the night. Its not necessary to have high bp. There is no side effect of this medicine
Answer: There is no side effect My dr also suggest this . this is used for proper blood flow in ur as well as ur baby too
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Question: My doctor suggested me to take Ecosprin 150 mg.. is threre any side effects of this? I m worried
Answer: hi...This treatment can dramatically reduce the risk of miscarriage. Low-dose aspirin therapy is safe during pregnancy, and its benefits for you if you have Hughes Syndrome outweigh any potential harm. You may also benefit from low doses of aspirin during pregnancy if doctors think you're likely to develop pre-eclampsia
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Question: ask suggested me to take ecosprin 75 is it safe why I need to take, what's the uses, am scared about it, please help me
Answer: Dont be scared..it is used in pregnancy to prevent any clot formation and thinneing of blood so that your baby gets all the blood required...what were your symptoms when he prescribed that?
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Question: Hi, my doctor suggested to take ecosprin 75 mg after breakfast. But i want to know the reason why was she suggested, if i takr this drug continuously, does it cause any miscarriage or any severe side effects
Answer: No dear, the medicine is to avoid any chances for misscariage.. It makes blood thin and easily reachable to baby.. Don't worry it won't cause any harm
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