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Question: Hi friends. I am a 34 years old married women. How can I save extra money every month? I live in a joint family and we get fixed amount to spend. Please help.

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Answer: Hi dear. You can easily save a lot of money by making a few changes in your lifestyle. When you go grocery shopping, try to buy products that are of local brands, fruits and vegetables that are seasonal, bulk packets, etc. Always make a list when you go shopping as it helps in avoiding unnecessary expenses. You can easily make a lot of crafts at home to decorate your house or for gifting such as lamps, photo frames, cushions, etc. Make a monthly budget where you keep aside some amount to save. Try to stick to the budget to save more.
Answer: "The first spent amount should be a savings". A popular quote. So firstly take a fixed amount to save. The balance is for all ur other expenses. Put a list for what you are spending, so that u will be cautious. Stick to your budget plan.
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