7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi Friends. I am 7 weeks pregnant, please advice me on the below: 1. Which is the best option to have out of whole wheat/ brown/ multi-grain bread? 2. Can I have strawberry and sapota milkshakes? 3. Is it safe to have egg/ chicken noodles occasionally? 4. Is it safe to have the readymade Pav bun packets available in market? 5. Is it safe to have goat and chicken liver occasionally? 6. Please suggest me home remedies for acidity, bloating and constipation? 7. Please suggest me home remedies for strong vomiting feelings? Thanks a lot.

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Answer: 1. Have occassionally 2. Sapota might increase your sugar level and is also high in calories, occassionally is ok 3. Preferably homemade 4. Maida on regular basis can cause constipation. 5. Yes 6. Have fiber rich food, especially banana 7. Eat on time, don't leave too much gap between meals, lemon juice with salt worked for me
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Question: Hi Friends, I am 7 weeks pregnant and have high urge to have sex. Can I? Is it safe for the baby?
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy my husband wants to intercourse in first trimester i ask yo my dr she said a big no .sex should be avoided 3 months because pressure in uterus s not good 4 ur baby so avoid till 3 months completed...then i avoid it in first trimester so dear try to avoid it irs not safe 4 present time .take care
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Question: Hi, I have just started 6 month. Did the blood test and my haemoglobin is 8.1, is it ok. Can you please suggest how to increase the haemoglobin level and is there any risk. Please suggest...
Answer: S you must to take pomogranate dates beetroot regularly...8.1 is very low..atleast you need to increase upto 11
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Question: Iam having lot of headache since yesterday morning. What medicines is safe for me to have ?. If anyone can suggest some home remedies that would be great
Answer: Dolo tablet is better to use during pregnancy and the home remedy is better to have some head massage with oil
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