Question: Hi Friends..hope you all are fine. I have one question I am 30 week prego. And doctor asked me to count fetal movement at least every 2 to 3 hours but what I feel sometimes baby kicks are not that much frequent as it's suppose to be . please suggest me friends it's all normal or do I need to consult my gyne.

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Answer: If ur baby moves atleast 10 tyms in 12 hr itz normal
Answer: D nt wo ry sab thik ho aega
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Question: Hello , I m 36 week pregnant. My doctor told to count baby movements. Ideally how many kicks are normal in a day. Sometimes I feel movement every after 2 minutes. Should that too be counted ?
Answer: Hello dear To count baby movement : 1. Lie on your left side and focus on your baby's movements: rolls, kicks or flutters. 2. Use the chart below to record the number of minutes it takes to feel your baby move ten (10) times. 3. You may stop counting after your baby has moved ten (10) times. 4. Do this once a day at approximately the same time each day.
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Question: Hi mam i am 27 th week pregnant .This is my 2 pregnancy ,my question is past 2 days i am feeling baby movements very less before that i felt very regular kicks within half an hour 1 or 2 kicks i felt but now i am not feeling baby movments .Is that fine or i need to consult the doctor.Please reply me
Answer: Hello dear, baby movement feel slow due to gas, if it start suddenly, that means baby is getting less oxidation. Take a glass of cold water and sleep on your left side. If your baby not responding properly as earlier within 2 hours. Consult your doctor immediately...
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Question: We all put that brown colour tablet in rice to avoid insects. By mistake when my husband made khichdi , one ball was left and cooked in that...i came to know after eating that....its 16 hours now everyone is fine and i am alsi not facing any issure...m i am 16 weeks do i need to see a doctor?
Answer: Hii I don't think now u should be worried if it is already 16 hours. But take care from next time. And also monitor of u feel any thg abnormal. Directly consult doctor without doubt.
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