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Question: Hi friends. Every month I plan to save but everything gets spent. I can't understand where my money is going. Please suggest how to make a budget. I want to save money by reducing my expenditure. Will a budget help?

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Answer: Hi dear. It's very easy to make a budget. You need to know how much you spend on each thing. Divide your expense heads in categories such as grocery, daily needs, rent, electricity/water bill, child education, loans, etc. Then put down the expense amount for a month. You know how much you have to spend. Now you can start making a budget from the next month. Try to manage your expenses by spending only 60% of what you get. You can easily do this by making small changes. Save 20% for emergency expenses and the rest 20% for regular savings. Try to review your budget every 15 days to see how it is going. Try to stick to it as much as possible.
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    Anonymous759 days ago

    Hi . I live alone in an apartment and handle my budget myself by staying within the means ..... meaning spending as less as possible especially on yourself not on daily grocceris but they also should not exceed your budget.... learn to sacrifice only then you can save money and make a target that this much I will save this much amount.

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