30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi friends am 30th week pregnant, getting leg pains and sometimes symptoms like period pains , anyone suggest

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Answer: It's normal only. Don't worry. Take some rest when yu have leg pain . It ll come in future weeks. It's a sign to prepare you for the delivery . So if pain increased more then do check with your doctor first
Answer: Mujh bhi hota hai it is a normal
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Question: Hi friends am 30th week pregnant, feels more leg pains and sometimes symptoms like period pains..can anyone suggest
Answer: Dear the pressure of baby is high and blood and oxygen flow is disterbed that cause pain don't worry , avoid standing for long time and keep a pillow under your legs while sitting and take rest .
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Question: Hi am 30th week pregnant feel more leg pains and some times feels like period pains
Answer: I am also feeling the same dear, especially during night.So, I am unable to sleep also
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Question: Having little vaginal pains cramps like period sometimes..is it sign of laborpain?
Answer: Dear vaginal pain starts as the baby grows bigger.there is increase amount of pressure downwards too..and since the uterus expands ,it also streches the ligaments..so overall the vaginal muscles gets strained..no need to worry..please take rest and avoid standing for long time..so need not be labor pain.
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