8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi friend's am 8 weeks 5 days pregnant can i do eyebrow threading and upper lips threading,

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Answer: Few ppl believe that , if u suffer from pain while threading , baby also suffers the same , Its depends on ppl's believe
Answer: No it's not safe for your baby
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Question: I am 20 weeks pregnant. Can I do eyebrow and upper lip threading?
Answer: Hi%20dear%2C%20yes%20you%20can%20continue%20your%20salon%20routine%20normal.%20It%20won't%20have%20any%20side%20effects%20on%20your%20baby.
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Question: Asked for Female, 36 Years I am 36 weeks of pregnant. Can I do eyebrow threading?
Answer: Hi dear Just make sure that it doesnt pain too much. Otherwise there is nothing wrong in doing eye brow threading. You need not worry that eyebrow threading might cause pain to baby. It has nothing to do with pregnancy. But if it disturbs us a lot then the baby might know our feelings and get disturbed as well so people say not to do. Unless you font have any discomfort youbcan do eyebrow threading dear.
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Question: Can i do threading and upper lips
Answer: Hi dear dere no any reason which can stop u to undergo these services. U should njoy ur pregnancy being beautiful.dont believe on any such myth.
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