1 months old baby

Question: hi experts.. my son is 2 weeks old.. he pees after as soon as he completes feeding.. exclusively breastfed.. is it normal???

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Answer: absolutely normal, baby kare b kya. feeding pee poop and sleep tese 4 things are the only daily routine. so nothing to worry.
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Question: my baby pees a lot ...as soon as he drinks milk in couple of minutes he pees
Answer: it is good that your baby pees dear. It shows that your baby's body is hydrated and is getting enough milk.
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Question: My baby s 18days ....He motions out as soon as he s Breastfed..is it normal ???
Answer: Hi Dear! Its normal fr babies at this age.. If the baby is on liquid the she will poop more or less liquid till the time she starts solid after 6 months. Its normal in new born babies to pass gas and poop at the same time because they do not have control over their spinchter muscle in anus, hence theu tend to poop when they pass gas. It will be fine with time just dont worry.. Hope this helps!
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Question: my 3 months old baby is pooping 7-8 time per day... is it normal? and she is exclusively breastfed
Answer: Yes.. It's normal, my baby is 4.5 month old still he pooping 8-9 times every day.. And he also exclusively breast feeding, don't worry
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