2 years old baby

Question: Hi everyone...pls help me out from this situation..i missed mi periods...mi last mp was on 11 sep...but today is 14 Oct and i stil didn't get mi periods...i checked today from pregnancy kit it was showing negative result.( Actually i don't want pregnancy right now)....Than mi Qn.is why im not getting periods.....?? Is still any chances of pregnancy?????

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Question: Hello my age is 27...I missed my periods from last 10 days I checked through kit so it was positive but I don't have vomiting symptoms but I have a cramps in my stomach
Answer: It is not compulsory to get pregnancy related symptoms in early weeks of pregnancy. You can get my cramps because of hormonal changes just like in periods. If only it is a continuous crampingpain immediately Consult doctor.
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Question: Today is 12th day of my missed periods I checked pregnancy using kit it shows a -ve result. I feel hopeless. What should I do?
Answer: After 1 week u may check once again. Or else do beta serum hcg test. It will gives u the accurate results from now itself.... Don't be hopeless.... Be positive and hear songs....... Spend time with your friends and family
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Question: I missed my periods on 11thof this month, I am not getting any symptoms, I have checked with pregnancy tool kit, it is showing as negative.
Answer: Dear when your period missed by 10 days than only you should check pregnancy . Dear when period about to come and pregnancy happen you will feel same symptom .
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