4 months old baby

Question: Hi everyone, my 3.5 month old bby doesnt wake up in the night almost he will take 4 to 5 hrs gap to have milk i know its not gud for health but i dont know what to do so plz suggest me some idea

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Answer: I do not worry it is OK that a baby girl gets up in the gap of 4 to 5 hours do not worry 58014 tweak the baby every 2 hours to feed a baby for the babies proper growth and development
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    Kr Rana94 days ago

    Aap nind me bi feed do...... Every 2/3 hours me feeding do

Answer: Frankly my baby sometimes sleeps for 6-7 hours at night. When I checked with my dr, he said, it's normal and no need to worry if a weight gain, baby improvements are normal.
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    Sneha Shankar95 days ago

    Weight is not gained he is losing his weight

Answer: It is good that he's sleeping well. Don't worry. For night if he sleeps well you are lucky.
Answer: Aao nind me bi feeding karvavo
Answer: Try dreamfeeding
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Question: Hii everyone my baby is3months and 22 days old he doesnt wake up in the night for milk after 4hrs or 5 hrs he use to get up for milk i know it's not gud for health but i dont known what to do please suggest me some idea
Answer: I know dear it is not good it is advisable to make the baby applicable to keep the baby regular as this is important for the babies proper growth and development
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Question: hi my baby doesnt pee at night while sleeping hence he didnt wake up by his own.. he sleep for almost 4-5 hrs continously at a slot.. is it normal??
Answer: it's normal dear ,my daughter 4 mnth old she also sleep 6 to 7 hrs continuously...after wake up she so much hungry...
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Question: My daughter is wake up in the night and sleep the day..how to change her sleeping pattern.i will resume to office on 1st march so pls suggest some idea so that she will sleep in the night.
Answer: Do play with her.. Take her out of home. Play n show outside the home.. Get her to know that the day is bright n full of sound. Night is calm. N cool.. Don't too lie her on bed rest room... Convert her sleep from playing n talking with her
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