32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi everyone...kisi ko betnesol k injections lage hain...please tell me total kitne injections lagte hain?

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Answer: yes.. I had take .. two injections 24 hrs apart..
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Question: pregnancy me total kitne injection lagte h
Answer: Hello, pregnancy mein total 3 injection hote hain. 2 TT ka hota hain aur ek typhoid ka hota hain.
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Question: Hii during pregnancy kitne injections lagte hain, sab ne mujhe darra diya ha. Ki ab to injection hi injection lagenge
Answer: Hii You will get the TT (Tetanus Toxoid) vaccine during pregnancy to prevent you and your baby from getting a tetanus infection. Tetanus is a life threatening disease for which there is no cure, but it is easily preventable with the TT vaccine. You can get infected with the disease when tetanus bacteria, which are common in soil and dust, enter your body through an open wound.When, and how many TT injections you get in your pregnancy, will depend on whether you got a TT vaccine recently, how many pregnancies you have had, and how far apart your pregnancies are. If this is your first pregnancy, and you have had a regular vaccine schedule as a child and in your adult years, you will probably get two TT vaccines, with a minimum of four weeks between each dose. Your doctor will decide which month of pregnancy to give these vaccines in.  women who have no vaccination history or vaccination records get their first dose of the TT vaccine as early as possible in their pregnancy, followed by a second dose four weeks later and a third dose six months after the second one. So you might get your first TT vaccine soon after your first antenatal appointment, and get up to three doses before you deliver your baby. 
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Question: Hi mam..i am 29 week pregneny.mam tetnus ke kitne injection lagte Hain 2 ya 3 now tell me plzzz
Answer: If it is your first pregnancy, your doctor will recommend two doses of tetanus vaccine during pregnancy. The first dose will be given in the third trimester that can be around the seventh month in pregnancy.The second dose will be given after four weeks of the first dose. Few doctors prefer giving three doses, the first at 28 weeks of pregnancy. While some prefer in the first trimester when all the tests are confirmed. If it is your second pregnancy Your doctor will go through your vaccination history and will then recommend doses If you are pregnant again within two years of your first and have received two doses in the first pregnancy, you will be given only one dose.If you are again pregnant after a long gap, the vaccination schedule will differ. Your doctor will schedule the doses accordingly.
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