25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi everyone.. I feel worried from yesterday.. I feel my babys movement everyday but last two days no movements in my womb.. Now am on my 24th week, 6th month.. Is there any prob???

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Answer: No problem, sometimes baby does not movie for the entire day... Even i faced same issue at 6 months... When baby grows little more u can feel more kicks, jabs and movements
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    Raji Karthik684 days ago

    Thanks lot

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Question: No symptoms are feel from last two days...is there any problem..i m so worried
Answer: Hi We cant say all pregnant ladies feel same pregnancy symptoms where some may dont have any such symtoms even till delivery and these depends their body condition and it is not corrilated with baby growth..do thank god if you dont have such things and do take care on baby growth and weight gain..take care
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Question: am 17 weeks pregnant now. I could feel baby movements from last week. Bt today there is no movements I could feel yet. is there any problem?
Answer: Try either eating something sweet or drinking cold water and laying down on leftside. Poke and push your LO (little one) around a little to try to get it to move. You should feel the baby move. If you don't feel anything after that call your doctor.
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Question: This is my 24th week of pregnancy but from past two days i feel baby movement vry little but frequently movement is there but little is it normal
Answer: Hello! Do you mean the movements are light and not strong like before than you need to consult the doctor. But if the movements are there, then there is no need to worry. Take care
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